What Is Plasma Etching nod How Does It Work?

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Plasma etching is also known as dry etching because it is done without the chemical compounds that are used in most factories. Chemicals are corrosive and dangerous, and the plasma process give the surface treatment needed without the dangers of chemicals. Also, plasma processing is much faster, and it can be done quickly as part of a much larger manufacturing process. Learn why plasma is more helpful, what it can do for your business, and understand that you can take many of the hardest processes out of your facility.  

1. Why Do You Need Surface Treatment?

You need to know why you need treatment for the surfaces of your products before you begin to apply new processes in your facility. Plasma etching is something that most people do when they want to get around the harsh chemicals that are used by others. They never want to deal with the chemicals because they do not have the ventilation or the people to handle the process.

2. How Does Plasma Work?

Plasma surfacing is made from a special gas ejector that will lay a layer over the surface. This does not require any dipping, and it can be done in the assembly line style that will save you time. You can use plasma because you want to move along quickly, or you can use plasma because you want to remove the corrosive fumes form the space.

3. You Can Contain The Plasma Process

You can contain the use of plasma much more than you could with chemical baths. The chemicals will have fumes pouring from them all the time, and you will have a very hard time dealing with those fumes if they are corroding other items in the building. You do not want to go outside because that is not any safer. You can contain the plasma ejection process because it happens so quickly. The process is over and done with before you know it, and you spend much less money replacing your materials. Plasma, then, has all these advantages:

  • Safer to use
  • Cheaper to purchase raw materials
  • Is very consistent
  • Can be contained

4. The Gases

You can purchase your gas refills very easily, sand they tend to last much longer because you are using less product. You are wasting money on chemicals because your do not use much of what goes in a chemical bath. You will save yourself money, and you will find that you can use the gases in other parts of your plant. You might even set up more than one spot to create the plasma surfacing line, and you will see the factory become much more productive and efficient.

5. Conclusion

You have to be sure that you have chosen to move to plasma when you want to save time and money on the manufacturing that you do. You should move away chemicals if you can, and you might even want to use the plasma as you are setting up a new assembly line.

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