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Planning a Party to Remember

After months of planning, the day has come for the celebration of two people joining together as one. A wedding signifies love and commitment, with a future full of hope. You’ve said your vows, and kissed your groom, now it’s time to celebrate that future you both envisioned from the very first moment you met.

Wedding fashion
Wedding fashion couple in love

The planning of a reception following a beautiful wedding can be a challenge for even the most seasoned pros, everything must be perfect, from the cake, right down the number of beer, wine, and champagne bottles you have on hand, along with some back up if needed for when the bride and groom walk through the door.

Just married
Just married

Everyone is there to share in this moment, this one spectacular moment of celebration, a party that will be remembered for a lifetime.

The feast will begin and end with the lifting of glasses, the groomsmen and the maid of honor will give their toasts, the best man will pat his best friend on his back and congratulate him, the bride and groom will take the floor in their first dance of the rest of their lives together.

A few things you could consider when preparing for your celebration would be to gear the reception towards the theme of the ceremony itself when ordering the beverages. If the ceremony was formal as a black tie event then wine and champagne would be a preferable choice. If you had a more relaxed theme, then choosing a variety of beers, would be a good example to consider. You can find a lot of interesting items, for your great party here: https://www.thebeerbong.co.uk/beer-pong-set. Another choice would be to take a poll of what the wedding party and a few of the guests would like to have at the reception, after all, it is a celebration of the new life with your friends and family.

After you have conquered the alcoholic beverages then you need to consider the loved ones attending that do not drink alcoholic beverages where you can find an array of non-alcoholic choices to help with what would best suit the needs of those who chose to not drink, making it an all-inclusive celebration for all.

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